How come Uber®, the world’s largest taxi company owns zero vehicles? Or Amazon®, the most valuable retailer has zero stores?

Because they are masters of their Digital Battleground! 

The disruption of digital management is today's main topic. Digital strategies are essential to enhance operational efficiency, employees motivation and relationships with clients. However, development and implementations are currently proving to be challenging and costly across all industries.

Mobioos allows you to simplify your digital complexity by addressing all operational and marketing challenges through our AI solutions.

We help you build intelligent apps and digital solutions focusing on human capital, customers relationships, and efficient marketing strategies. Our algorithms, business cases, and knowledge database are here to help your company taking ownership of its Digital Battleground in an intelligent and rapid way.

Zaak Chalal


CEO and Founder

With 25 years experience in Web and Software Industry, Zaak Chalal combines numerous strategic projects as an architect and technical director. Before all, Zaak is a serial entrepreneur and participated in the development of, with an expertise in web and mobile solutions for corporations;, which helps business organizations accelerate their digital transformation.