R&D Lab


From the beginning, Research & Development is the core of our strategy.

The Mobioos Research and Development Lab is pioneering innovations in software development of variability-driven applications. It plays an important role to design, develop, and prototype innovations that will be integrated into the Mobioos suite.

We are working to propose new approaches to rapidly build relevant, powerful, modern and aesthetic applications using technologies combining software variability management, domain specific development and Artificial Intelligence.

R&D Labs Partners

Tewfik ZIADI

Chief Research Officer

In addition to leading the Mobioos Lab, Tewfik Ziadi is a researcher in the LIP6 Computer Laboratory at the prestigious Sorbonne University. He has over 19 years experience in research and teaching in software variability management and software product line engineering. He participated to several projects with industrial partners from all over Europe. He co-authored about 50 peer-reviewed articles in several venues including top conferences and magazines. He was the co-general chair of the SPLC 2019 conference.